Personal Income tax

At the heart of our personal services is the preparation of Canadian personal tax returns. We prepare returns for the shareholders of our corporate clients, investors, professionals, executives, and retired persons. We take this responsibility very seriously, as all of our tax advice culminates in a correctly filed personal tax return.

Financial/Estate Planning

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts. We utilize trusts, estate freezing, and gifting to accomplish the specialized objectives of our clients. 

Corporate Tax

As part of our assurance engagements, we prepare the returns that are required under various government statutes. Timeliness and accuracy are the order of the day. We also ensure that appropriate tax planning is woven into the final product.

Canada/US Tax

We assist persons and corporations in discharging their cross-border compliance obligations, and we help them plan their affairs to minimize taxation on both sides of the border.

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