Personal Tax Services

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Canadian Personal Tax Returns

Our expert team of accountants prepares tax returns for the shareholders of our corporate clients, investors, professionals, executives, and retired persons. We often communicate directly with financial advisors to ensure all members of the advisory team are on the same page to ensure the highest level of service for our clients.

Canada Revenue Agency Support

We navigate CRA audits and requests for supporting documentation. We advocate for our clients, acting as their authorized representative. When appropriate, we research and file a Notice of Objection to appeal an income tax assessment believed to be incorrect or request fairness on interest and penalties.

Immigration & Emigration

Additional information is required in the year a person moves to or from Canada. Our team of professionals stays current on these requirements to ensure accuracy of returns to eliminate problems down the road.

Personal Tax Returns For Non-Residents

Certain circumstances, such as selling real property or earning Canadian-sourced income, result in a non-resident of Canada needing to file a Canadian personal tax return. We advise on reporting to comply with requirements and avoiding double taxation.

Canada & United States Taxes

We are experts on personal income tax requirements for individuals with a cross-border component. This is an extremely complex and specialized area with more information on our Cross-Border Tax page.

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