Tax Planning

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts. 

Corporate Reorganizations

When the existing structure of a growing business is no longer sufficient, or an owner wants to simplify their corporate structure, we create a tax plan surrounding a corporate reorganization which often results in zero tax being paid today. Our tax experts may also recommend a corporate reorganization to facilitate events such as withdrawal of a shareholder, mergers, estate freezes and succession planning.

Succession Planning

Whether planning for the near future or several years away, we advise on an effective tax strategy to ascertain a smooth transition to the next chapter. Tax minimization is paramount, and our skilled team develops an approach specifically catered to meeting the goals of the client. Since the inception of our firm, we are now working with the next generation of business and community leaders. We are proud of our role in these transitions.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We assist in developing an optimum estate plan and recommend a structure that will ensure we meet each client’s objectives, such as wealth preservation, avoidance of estate administration tax (probate), easier administration and flexibility, and financial security for loved ones.


Trusts, including Family Trusts or Alter-Ego Trusts, are often used as an estate planning tool to manage the overall tax burden. Our team of professionals informs clients when a trust is appropriate as well as manages the ongoing tax and compliance filings.

Peace Of Mind

Taxes are complex and the rules are constantly changing. A custom and well-thought-out tax plan allows our clients to navigate life with confidence, knowing that their financial affairs are in order.

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